Poverty Relief

    The Foundation’s attempt to temporarily relieve the suffering of our fellow human beings: purchase unmarketable fresh vegetables or those in excess from local farmers whenever necessary, to relieve farmers from the pressure of lost revenue; donate food purchased to food banks and Salvation Army around PEI to relieve hunger so good food are not left […]

    Animal Welfare and Protection

    In an effort to protect and save livestock, lab animals, and wildlife that are sick, mistreated, or to be slaughtered, we set up sanctuaries where the rescued animals can roam free, be cared for and loved. At the same time, raise public awareness of animal welfare and promote compassion towards all living beings.

    Agricultural and Natural Land Preservation

    Concerned about health and global warming issues, the Foundation strives to: preserve land in compliance with government land protection programs promote conservation and preservation of natural green space and waterways promote organic and natural farming to preserve and restore natural resources, including planting trees

    Promotion of Education, Cultural Understanding and Diversity

    Due to technological advancement, the world seems to become smaller and smaller, and there is a dire need for people to co-exist harmoniously. Therefore, an understanding of the multi-diversity of different ethnic and religion has become urgent. Through free workshops, courses, and seminars, the Foundation wishes to: promote cross-cultural exchanges, education, and religious diversity offer […]

    Buffalo and calf die during birthing

    Six calves, born this spring, are now part of the Buffaloland Park herd but unfortunately one of the cows died last week while giving birth. The calf also died.

    The park, at Milltown Cross, saw the same number of calves born to the roughly 40-member herd in 2015 as the previous year. (more…)

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    Concert August 2 with the Dream Lotus Choir

    East meets west on Sunday August 2nd, with a performance of the internationally renowned Dream Lotus Choir with our PEI Symphony Orchestra at the Confederation Centre of the Arts.

    Billed as a “serendipitous meeting of celestial music that speaks to our hearts”, this concert will feature the Dream Lotus Insightful Praises Choir of Taiwan along with key musicians from the PEI Symphony, all under the director of Taiwanese conductor Wang Tzu-Cheng. (more…)

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