Official conveyance of Buffaloland Park

In an effort to salvage the pride of Montague, the buffalos residing at the Buffaloland Park (formerly known as Buffaloland Provincial Park), from being slaughtered or in any way extinguished, Moonlight International Foundation took over the operation and management of the Park in October of 2013 while it was still under the ownership of the provincial government. The conveyance was finalized on April 1, 2014.

The Park needed a lot of repair and upgrade. The existing non-functional handling facility was upgraded to include a head chute to ensure that each and every one of the buffalos may receive the proper care they well deserved. The Foundation replaced all of the posts along the runway leading to the head chute that are dangerously moldy and eroded, with 525 more new posts waiting to be gradually replaced in the Park. Since October of 2013, the renovation created approximately 1,000 man-hour of job opportunity for ten local Islanders with an approximate $40,000 boost to the economy.

At the expert advice of the vet, the entire herd went through a complete de-worming treatment successfully at the end of May and they are now happy, healthy and live in harmony.